What does Italy mean for you?

it the sound of the sea, the bright sunlight or the omnipresent aroma of coffee and basil?

Maybe it is the loud Sicily where la mamma calls the family for dinner by ringing a little bell (il tocco)?

Anyway, in il Tocco everybody will find his own Italy, the one that he misses and where cannot wait to return.

In our menu you can find the best of the authentic Italian cuisine.
We cook our pasta, risotto and pizza as Italians do but still with a particular, exquisite author touch.
The Italian cuisine is much more than pizza and pasta: Italians are expert in making the best of fresh fish and seafood, game and poultry – grilled or al forno (baked), with garnish or without. Even the most picky gourmet will find something special in our menu.
For Italians the only meal without wine is called breakfast so the wine list is often longer than the menu.
The wines we offer are the choice of Vlada Lesnichenko which speaks for itself but we'll try to add our pinch of sugar. There are more than 75 titles, 20 of which we will be glad to offer by glass.
Our list obviously has a strong Italian accent and covers the whole country - from Alto Adige to Sicily. The wine list is creative alla Vlada and divided into several convenient parts: light and elegant or rich and deep – feel free to decide yourself what you are up to tonight.
Don't worry: you will not stay without champagne and we know how to amaze the fans of Bordeaux and Burgundy as well.
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